Fitness Coaching

My Programmes and what I offer

There is a growing demand from clients to achieve transformational results in a short space of time but quite often the methods prescribed are neither safe nor long lasting.

My programmes have been developed to follow a methodical but effective format that considers your unique starting point and works towards the end goal whilst respecting time constraints, family commitments as well as ensuring you are physically ready to progress steadily and safely.

All my programmes are fully bespoke and developed around your personal circumstances and goals.

Change Your Stride Programme Phases


Base Phase/General Preparation Phase

This is the time to identify and begin to correct any physiological weaknesses and imbalances to help avoid injuries and to build on your base level of aerobic or muscular fitness depending on your goals.  I will make sure that if you are new to running-specific strength work, you are confident you are doing the exercises correctly rather than making any imbalances worse.  It is also the time to consider solutions to any barriers that may obstruct your end goal. In a 12 week programme, this would typically cover the first 3-4 weeks and depending on your current fitness, would involve a gradual increase in volume.


Build Phase

This phase is specifically linked to your end goals with the focus on the development of the energy systems needed for speed, distance and muscular strength.  In a 12 week programme, you can expect an increase in intensity over 4 weeks.


Peak/Taper Phase

During this phase, intensity and volume is at its greatest as you approach a planned event such as a holiday, a special occasion or a sporting event.  In the case of running or other sporting events, a taper week would also be incorporated within this phase.


With lives so busy, recovery can easily be overlooked but it is during recovery that adaptations to the body take place. This is when your body repairs and grows stronger in response to the training stimulus it has been exposed to. Insufficient recovery can lead to injury, lack of motivation and illness and it is for this reason that a recovery week, or an adaptation week, will be incorporated into most training plans every 4th or 5th week depending on the programme and the client. This is especially important for those very keen and motivated amongst us who perhaps view recovery as time lost working towards their goal! We all know someone like that!