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Nutrition services

Food.  Fuel.  Nutrition. Call it what you want but what we chose to put into our bodies can have a dramatic impact on how we feel, function and perform. Let me help you take the guesswork out of what you think your body needs and make sure you are eating the foods that will help meet your goals.

Fuel your Change Services

Sports Nutrition Services

I want to offer athletes an actionable approach to their sports nutrition and fuelling.  Studies and their findings are being published all the time and the field of nutrition is notoriously difficult to navigate. Athletes are often time-poor; juggling busy jobs, families, children whilst constantly thinking about upcoming training sessions or events.  Nutrient requirements and their timings may be off the radar.  Whilst nutrition won’t directly help with the child care or frustrating meetings at work, get it right and it will support you in energy terms, through the stresses and strains of daily life.  It then follows, if the right foods can make daily life easier then it must have an impact on our training?  The solution?   I am keeping it simple and offering advice on practical steps in not only pre and post training fuelling and hydration, but also day to day nutritional needs. Starting with a 45 minute consultation during which some simple metrics would be taken, the athlete would then be asked to complete a 7 day food and activity diary after which a dietary analysis would take place. From this analysis the following can be calculated:

  • Current energy and nutrient intakes.
  • Your optimum energy intake based on energy expenditure
  • Fluid intake and optimum requirements

The recommendations that would follow would be part of an individualised nutritional and hydration strategy to optimise not only your pre and post training meals but also establishing good nutritional habits for the times you are not training. This package also offers:

  • Monthly follow ups which present an opportunity to reassess or finetune the strategies that working.
  • Pre race/event feeding and hydration strategies. Often referred to as ‘carb loading’.  What nutrition do you need to maximise the hours of training you have undertaken to get to this point?
  • Fuelling advice for during and after an event. What fuel do you need to support the intensity, length and nature of the event and what might you need to help kickstart the recovery process?

Integrating long term healthy habits that support your training load is the long-term intention of this package.  Couple this with a non-prescriptive, user-friendly and workable approach, I feel I will be delivering a service that is underpinned by the philosophy that you will always be ready for your next training session.

Race Week Nutrition

As athletes we are keen to follow our training plans to reach our goals.  We research and deliberate over kit and gadgets and are fascinated in the latest technology to help us go further or faster.  We do our best to make sure we get enough recovery, and sleep and try hard to fuel our bodies in a way that we hope supports our chance at our greatest performance. By race week, our trainers are broken in well and ready to go.  Our kit has been tried and tested and is trusted.  Every athlete knows now is not the time to make changes.  We are ready.   No more can be done.  Or can it? Whilst it would never be recommended to start a new diet or food regime during race week, giving more consideration to your nutrition during the final stages of your training could reap dividends during race day.  With a little forward planning, we can optimise our nutrition to better meet our race/event requirements. Starting with a 45 minute consultation during which some simple metrics would be taken, I can offer:

  • An assessment of an athlete’s nutritional requirements for their event.
  • Based on this assessment we can plan an optimal pre-event feeding and hydration strategy.
  • We can then translate this information into meaningful and familiar food choices to suit each athletes’ individual preferences.