My coaching philosophy

Working towards a goal

My approach is based around the philosophy of always making sure that you can train again tomorrow.  This means I take a holistic interest in my athletes’ health, wellbeing, family and work life, stresses, nutrition and recovery.  All of these can have a physiological effect on tomorrow’s training or pose time constraints which also effect tomorrow’s training.  This is everyday life for many of us and when training accommodates all these factors, an athlete feels in control and training can enhance their life; however, when training is forced upon busy and stressful lives the impact on an athlete’s performance, motivation and enjoyment of their sport is sadly compromised.  I want to do my best to avoid that!

I also believe that everything is OK in moderation.  Commitment to your training and all the supporting elements is crucial but in our busy lives with families and careers, it is more than acceptable to be mostly committed rather than striving for an unsustainable level of dedication all of the time.

Following a detailed consultation, your bespoke training programme will be written to fit around the demands of family and work life and will be delivered to you weekly incorporating all the training runs needed to meet your goal.  

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