The Change Your Stride Programme

Working towards a goal

Whether you are a seasoned runner or lacing up for the first time, this is for those with a running specific goal. This could be an event or a Parkrun but it could also be working towards running a given distance just as part of other health and fitness goals.

Your bespoke training programme will incorporate all the training runs needed to meet your goal plus a minimum of 2 running specific strength sessions per week.  I am a huge believer in strength work for runners and I personally, having learned the hard way, try to commit to running-specific strength work 2-3 times each week.  It works! Sometimes illness or stress does get in the way and affect your mechanics but on the whole strength training is a hugely worthwhile commitment.

I would recommend training with you at least once a week and this session could be a coached training run or a strength session.

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