Why Change 52.7?

CHANGE 52.7 is more than a business to me.  It’s a passion.  Healthy living has become a way of life in our house and so CHANGE is about being able to share this love, to motivate and encourage others.

When I decided that I would try to find a place for myself in this amazing industry, the name of my business became very important to me.  The opportunity to reinvent myself under an inspirational brand became quite appealing!

I wanted the name to be short and catchy but not intimidating, abstract or pretentious.  It was hard!

I considered what my clients will be achieving with me.  They would be aspiring to CHANGE – a simple and familiar word.  Great.  But not quite there.  I wanted to link it with my hometown but without stealing other established business ideas.   And so eventually the true location sprang to mind.  52.7 is actually the latitude coordinates of Shrewsbury in decimal degrees.  OK, so maybe it’s a little abstract but it’s a real fact and maybe something you didn’t know before you visited my site!